What’s for Dinner, Mom?: The Free App You Need

appity app

I wander the supermarket as in an ethereal haze. The kids’ voices echo through the corridors of my grey matter, “What’s for dinner mom? What’s for dinner-inner-inner…”

I wish it was all a bad dream, but it’s a fairly accurate description of my grocery shopping trip each and every Sunday. Kind of. Maybe a little less dramatic. But still harrowing.

Anyway, there’s this free app (available gratis both for Android and iPhones), aptly titled “Food on the Table” that helps with the age old question, “What’s for dinner?”

You begin by entering your local supermarket. The app can tell you what’s on sale at your store. You can then browse the sale items and pick a recipe within the app based on the main component (i.e. sirloin steak, chicken, etc). But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve picked your recipe, the app composes a grocery list based on the ingredients. I know, right? Pure genius. Food shopping just got a little easier.

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