You can say my idea for this site was spawned by an identity crisis of sorts. I always got this slightly empty feeling when I picked up an issue of a Parents-type mag. Countless articles on how to please the kids. How to make them eat vegetables. Get them to sleep through the night. Fashion toys out of perishables… The message I got from these magazines was that life was all about the kids. While my kids are both a large and wonderful part of my life, should it really all be about them? And yet the average issue of Cosmo or even Glamour didn’t address the reality of my crazy, chaotic, loud, messy, fast life.

I love food, fashion, travel, make-up…but it has to work for me. Setting the perfect pot of beef bourginon aflame with a kid hanging off my leg would not only be unfeasible, it would probably be highly dangerous. (I’d also wind up making a second meal for my oldest, the pickiest eater on the planet.)  I love a great pair of pumps, but which ones will take me from the office to the football field without (a second) foot surgery.  I’m looking for a hair product that will reduce my blow-out time so I can hit the snooze button one more time.  A vacation that will suit not only just the kids but the grown-ups too. Can you relate? Hang in there ladies. This one’s for you


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